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Jenks Health Team is a holistic family medical clinic and IV center offering comprehensive primary care for all ages.   Combining integrative therapies with the best of traditional medicine, JHT serves individuals and families from all across Oklahoma and surrounding areas.   Patients from all walks of life have come to know Jenks Health Team for their friendly staff and their patient-centered, personalized approach to healthcare.

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Meet the Practitioner

Gerald D. Wootan, DO, MEd

Gerald D. Wootan, DO, MEd

Dr. Wootan has served as medical Director of Jenks Health Team for nearly 20 years. He began his medical career as a physician’s assistant, then later went on to complete his medical training at Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a practicing physician, he has worked tirelessly to educate his patients on the value of prevention, the importance of gut health, and how to help the body to heal itself whenever possible. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience, he also works with families affected by autism, as a DAN-certified physician.

Dr. Wootan is board-certified in family medicine, and holds additional certification in geriatric medicine. He serves on the Physician Assistant Advisory Board to the Oklahoma Board of Medical Examiners.

He is also author of the book, Detox Diets for Dummies.